Movie Review - Elysium - “Everyone wants a piece of heaven”

For his second movie, Neill Blomkamp created a world not unlike ours where there is a strict divide between have and have-nots. A world so real in its grittiness, corruption and poverty, that it almost begs the question is this “science fiction” or our reality. Shot in slums of Mexico and posh areas of Canada, the movie unsurprisingly promises to draw inspiration from our current socio-political structure. No matter what your political affiliation, this movie will force you to rethink biases.

Movie’s highlights are breathtaking special effects, which fit seamlessly in the storytelling, making it look very effortless on director’s part. As pointed out countlessly, this is one of the strong suites of Blomkamp’s direction. He completely immerses into the world he is about to create and then lets us experience his creation. But occasionally, forgets that we haven’t really imagined this world as he has.

*spoilers ahead * At an overview, as a movie fan, one can see small lapses in storytelling. It leaves behind questions like - why did large desolate buildings exist in first few shots on earth, why Kruger go on from lowly “sleeper agent” to rebel leader, how can the citizenship of billions of people be changed by changing 2 words in computer and many more.
*spoilers end *

One can’t avoid comparing Elysium to Neill Blomkamp debut, District 9 constantly. It set expectations quite high as every sci-fi fan went in expecting to be shocked and awed, but returned a bit underwhelmed. Elysium, in all its promised greatness, doesn’t match up to his debut but on its own, it is worth a watch.

Conclusion: Go watch the movie. It will, for sure, spark a debate in your head as even though its science fiction set in 2154 AD, it certainly resonates with today’s “Indian” socio-political situation.

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By Shashank Singh

Shashank Singh is a Technology Geek who loves Sci-Fi and Whodunnit Thrillers. He is fascinated by how technology is changing the storytelling on Screen. In his spare time, he runs MonkeyCamp - a CGI/ Special Effects junkies hub to look at independent shorts, brand new TV Series & awesome Sci-Fi concept art!

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