Mila Kunis’ first kiss

They say you should never kiss and tell, but you can’t hold Ashton Kutcher or Mila Kunis responsible if a friend of theirs is spilling the beans! Laura Prepon — who starred with the Hollywood couple in That ’70s Show— has recently admitted that Kutcher was Kunis’ first kiss. Ashton, who was married to Demi Moore until 2011, has been dating the super-sexy Mila for close to two years now.“I wasn’t surprised (to hear they’re dating),” says Laura, who played Donna Pinciotti on the hit sitcom. “It’s incredible,” Preponadds excitedly, also saying that Kutcher and Kunis are like “family” to her and she fully expects to be invited to their wedding. Of course there will be no wedding until Ashton’s divorce from Demi is finalised, but even then, we’re guessing the invite will only come through if they’re not upset about being outed like this!

Post by - Sonali Velinker Kamat

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