Lewis Hamilton’s latest bold move!

Of all the things Nicole Scherzinger expected to receive on her 37th birthday, a message from ex-boyfriend Lewis Hamilton was probably not one of them. Yet, the Formula 1 star sent his former ladylove a long, mushy message on June 29 — delivered via Instagram for all the world to see.

“Dear friend, Through the years we shared a lot, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. All the experiences made me the man I’m proud to be right now. The Memories together will never be taken away no matter how old we get and I’m thankful for the time we had. I’m wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays, and may God continue to Bless you in all that you do,” said Lewis, alongside a picture of the former couple in matching black beanies.

The post has already racked up a staggering 86.3k likes, but the big question remains: Did Nicole like it?

Eliciting significant response on social media, Hamilton fans are rah-rahing about how the racing sensation is “a real gentleman,” while Nicole supporters have gone as far as to call it “attention seeking behaviour.”

Whether you weigh in on the side of unnecessary or adorable, you’ve got to agree it’s a bold move by Lewis. If you want a royal challenge, nothing is quite as tricky as staying friends with a former lover.For the effort alone — all subtext aside — we’re giving Lewis some brownie points.

Image Credit: nyppagesix.files.wordpress.com

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