It’s all about ‘Milk’ha…

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag has been trending on Twitter with spin-off jokes about petrol prices and political perversion being bandied about. We laughed through it all, but after reading a post on Shabana Azmi’s Twitter page last week, we ran out of funny. One mum tweeted to the veteran actress on July 17 that her son (who hated milk) has started drinking two glasses a day and now “runs 4 rounds of the building,” because he has been motivated by BMB. Of course it beats being motivated by the senseless violence on TV and hurting other kids, so we have no complaint on that score. What saddens us, however, is the fact that the great Milkha Singh himself seems to have motivated less children with his achievements than Farhan Akhtar has with his portrayal of the Sikh sprinter. Granted Milkha peaked in the early Sixties, but as our short-term memories get ever shorter, will it now take a Priyanka Chopra to make Mary Kom famous?

Post by - Sonali Velinker Kamat

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