Iggy Azalea Enjoys The ‘pause’ With Her Horses

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea appears to be grappling with the ‘fame monster’ and finds herself in desperate need of a pause. Back in February, the ‘Work’ singer quit social media because she felt it was “too negative and draining.” At the time, it was clear that Iggy was reacting to critics who blasted her bikini body online, after pictures of her on holiday surfaced on the Internet (with visible cellulite playing the bad guy).

Now, several weeks down the line, Iggy has yet to return to the digital world, but we hear she has since found a more meaningful ‘pause’ than just a temporary ta-ta to Twitter and its ilk. It seems one of Iggy’s mentors suggested she try horse-riding to help relieve all the stress online trolls were causing her. So Iggy attempted it and found that connecting with horses was her perfect ‘pause’.

These days Iggy is attending equestrian classes in Los Angeles, which she finds particularly therapeutic, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What started perhaps as a brief diversion is getting serious — so much so that Iggy has splashed out on a new white pedigree horse this week and named him ‘Strictly Business’! After a brown steed called ‘Defender,’ Iggy is calling this Dutch Warmblood her latest “baby.” Clearly the ‘horses for courses’ adage doesn’t apply to Iggy, who looks to be straddling a successful career in music, while she joins the exclusive world of thoroughbred owners.  

Image Credit: celebmafia.com

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