Distasteful tales about Nigella Lawson

Grim tales and metaphorical skeletons continue to tumble out of Nigella Lawson’s closet. Many months ago, we joined the world in being aghast at pictures of the celebrity chef’s then husband Charles Saatchi with his hands around her throat. Now allegations have surfaced that bring Nigella’s character into question. Two former assistants to the buxom chef claim she was using drugs behind the back of her ex-husband for a decade and bought their silence by allowing them to use his company credit card for personal expenditure! According to their recent court deposition, Nigella allegedly took cocaine and marijuana “daily” for a number of years. The assistants have been charged with defrauding Charles out of more than £300,000 — which they spent on holidays, designer handbags and other items — in 2012. With the trial dragging on, Nigella can only hope no other salacious secrets are revealed.

Image credits: i4.irishmirror.ie

Article by: Sonali Velinker Kamat

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