David Beckham’s (peaceful) powwow with Gordon Ramsay

When footie hunk David Beckham and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay decided to open an eatery together, it was the talk of the town. The restaurant — named Union Street Café — received over 1,200 reservations within half an hour of its website launch last month. Within four hours, a staggering 2,500 reservations had been booked, several days in advance of its September 16 opening. Yet, despite the avid interest of diners, insiders say David Beckham and his buddy Gordon could not agree on how to move the project forward. So, instead of butting heads, Becks has pulled out of the hospitality venture altogether. “They may be best friends, but they are also very astute businessmen and both wanted different things,” says a source. “Becks was ready to make an investment and had visited the site… but they both talked long and hard and have decided not to work together on this occasion.” As things stand, it seems likely that Becks will open up a pie-and-mash café independently and is looking at London as a starting point for a worldwide chain. Whenever that happens, we’ll be booking a table too!

Post by - Sonali Velinker Kamat

Image credit - standard.co.uk

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