Closet conversation courtesy Miranda Kerr

They say it sometimes takes a pin to deflate an ego, but in the case of Elizabeth Hurley, a handful of pins catapulted her to overnight fame. Almost two decades later, the daring Gianni Versace safety-pin dress (that made Hugh Grant look like unworthy arm-candy at a film premiere in 1994) appeared again on Lady GaGa. The singer, who loves shock-value, wore the infamous black silk-crêpe creation during a visit to Milan; where she also met with designer Donatella Versace. Now, as recently as Sunday night, another young sensation has followed suit — graduating from the Liz Hurley School of Red Carpet Dressing! At a Golden Globe Awards after-party, supermodel Miranda Kerr wore a black Emilio Pucci dress that was reminiscent of Versace’s iconic creation. Held together with gold string, the floor-length gown graced Kerr’s every curve — tempting, teasing and trending all at once. It may not have been the very same Versace wonder that Liz and GaGa have rocked in the past, but it made as pressing a point on a night when Kerr made her first solo Golden Globe Awards appearance after parting ways with husband Orlando Bloom. If fashion is a language and Miranda’s gown is a statement, then Orlando must be at a loss for words.

Article by - Sonali Velinker Kamat

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