Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hot new girlfriend!

After 25 years of marriage, Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife Maria Shriver split up two years ago when allegations became public about the Hollywood star having fathered a secret love child with his housekeeper. Though the child was born more than 15 years ago, the incident ended the 66-year-old actor’s period of perceived marital bliss. Maria has long since moved on — and now it seems Arnie is doing the same. We hear that a 38-year-old physical therapist named Heather Milligan has The Terminator star in a tizzy. She is, of course, 28 years younger than him (that’s longer than his marriage lasted), but age isn’t proving to be much of a deterrent for either.The couple were first linked in February (though other reports at the time suggested Arnie was also trying to reunite with his ex-wife) but we’re told things are heating up with Heather. The latest: Miss Milligan and ‘the Schwarzenegger’ were spotted enjoying a steamy dinner date in California only days ago, with the action star ending the evening with a passionate farewell kiss.Sources say that the two went their separate ways thereafter, but with Arnold essaying smitten schoolboy, there’s no doubt he’ll be back!

Post by - Sonali Velinker Kamat

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