Aamir Khan visits Avantika & Imran Khan’s baby girl

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Only a few weeks ago, we spotted a glowing and gloriously pregnant Avantika Malik being pampered by her actor husband Imran Khan. As we gushed about how adorable they look together, Imran let on that Avantika was now losing patience with pregnancy’s many aches and pains and was more than ready to pop out their bonny bundle. And so it is that in the early hours of June 9 (let’s say first thing Monday morning!), Imran was blessed with one more lovely lady to pamper.

We hear the beautiful addition to this ‘Khan’daan was born by C-section at Hinduja Healthcare in suburban Mumbai and are happy to report that both mum and baby are doing fine. From our fly on the wall comes confirmation that Imran’s superstar uncle Aamir Khan was amongst the first to welcome the little one into their family, with both Avantika and Imran’s mums and Kiran Rao standing by. Imran, who made it known well in advance of the baby’s arrival that he was hoping for a girl — was thrilled to bits. For Avantika, who reportedly thought they would have a boy, it seems she still has incentive for Baby No. 2. One way or another, it is time to break out the bubbly, folks. And cheers from us!

Image Credit: rediff.com

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