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published time By Virinder Villkhoo published time 03 Feb, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

Lights, Camera, Action... Bloody, Gory, Kinky action! That's the staple diet of Men. Ask any man his favourite film and he would probably name a sci-fi series or an action drama. Very rarely do you see men openly accepting that they love sappy rom-coms.

But here is a list of 10 Rom-Coms that have the right mix of romance and "other stuff" that keeps men interested!









The Apartment









This Billy Wilder classic is an incredibly entertaining film. It's the story of an ambitious man who gives his apartment keys to his seniors for their philandering escapades. Things get complicated when he falls for the girl his "married" boss is having an affair with! Jack Lemmon is at his hilarious best and it's the sheer wit of the proceedings that keeps men hooked throughout.

Here's a scene that sums up the plot!

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Knocked Up



Imagine having a one-night-stand with a woman that's out of your league and then finding out she is pregnant! A dream followed by a nightmare. It doesn't have a suave hero with girls swooning over his charm, infact it has a "Seth Rogen" in his original, filthy mouthed avatar! This is a rom-com from a man's perspective and makes us empathise. Here's a pivotal scene from the movie. Caution: R-Rated for Explicit Language!


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Four weddings and a Funeral



You know the Brits. They have a weird sense of humour and this is as weird as it gets! What makes it immensely watchable for Men is the fact that it's not a mushy romance with mellow-drama. The situations are charming, the dialogues witty and the performances brilliant. Here's the opening scene that concentrates on a 4 letter word Men really like.






No dialogues, just a cute little robot's space adventure to re-unite with the love of his life! Unlike most ROM-COMs, this one makes Men feel like a kid again and that's enough for them to watch it whenever it's on.

Here's what happens when Wall-E meets Eve. Watch him try to impress her and fall in love with animation again!



Jerry McGuire



There's sports, there's humour and there's "Show me the Money"! Watching Tom Cruise's inspiring turn as a sports manager, who falls from grace and then rises against the odds, makes for a great watch for men. The dash of sport and ambition is what does the trick.

And then there's this solid dialogue we learnt from Tom!






It's more shock than anything else that grabs Men by their b..eards and holds their attention. Ellen Page's filthy mouthed and feisty Juno, the incredible writing and direction of Jason Reitman, and the brilliant sound track keep men enthralled.

Here is the opening song of this coming of age rom-com, enjoy!



Don Jon



The most recent film in the list, this is Joseph Gordon-Levitt's debut as a director and he simply nails it! This story of a Porn-addicted man, is equally raunchy and sappy. But it's the topic at hand ( that every man would relate to) and the incredible presence of Scarlett Johansson that makes it endearing for men.

Watch this scene where Don takes his girlfriend to meet his parents.



Garden State



Zach Braff's incredible debut movie is a straight faced comedy with real depth. While mourning the death of his mother, the protagonist reconnects with his father and finds a girl even wackier than himself. With Natalie Portman on board, Zach has the attention of all men; but it's actually the story that steals the show.

Here's a scene that will have you in splits!



Punch Drunk Love



Adam Sandler can act. No, that's not a joke. This film provides Adam the perfect platform to showcase his dead pan, nice guy comedic talent. He is ably supported by the master, “Philip Seymour Hoffman”(R.I.P). The film is odd, goofy and really stands out as one of the most unique rom-coms you would see. And that it won a Cannes Award for Direction, makes it attractive to men!

Here's what happens when Adam finds out that he can get frequent flier miles by buying pudding!!



Midnight in Paris



You can't have a Rom-Com list without Woody Allen, can you! It’s set in the most romantic city in the world and has a touch of fantasy. It's an ode to a city, to love, to the world of art and literature. Charming, witty and not overly sentimental, this is a film that touches all the right chords of a man's heart!

Here's a particularly witty scene from the film.


Article written by Virindersingh Vilkhoo


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