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published time By Lorraine Parakel published time 13 Oct, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Improvisation Comedy: A form of comedy that is more than a performance, it is an experience. No matter where or how improv is performed, the essential ingredient in any improvisational performance is that the audience and the actors are working together to create something unique. And, the great appeal of improv is showing how creative people think in real-time. There is nothing more sincere than an improviser racking their brains in the moment for something to say or do.
Improvisation Comedy 

Unlike a movie or symphony, improv is not tied down to a specific style, format, or genre. And, we saw many styles and genres merge well, in ways that even traditional entertainment couldn’t at the Bengaluru Comedy Festival 2015. Comedians like Abish MathewKenny SebastianThe ImprovKaneez Surka and many more exhibited their Improvisational comedy skills in ways scarcely known of and the audiences were seen to enjoy every bit of it. 

So, here’s why India needs many more Kenny Sebastians and Abish Mathews.

Improvisational Comedy is still is a nascent stage
Improvisational Comedy is still is a nascent stage
The modern stand up comedy scene in India is merely six to eight years old. So, the artistes and well as the audiences are learning together. At the Bengaluru Comedy Fest 2015, the audience actively participated in this new form of interaction and were participating in the same too. For the ones who have attended an improv show, they know it is great, but the first timers didn’t think differently either. 


Intimate form of theater

Improvisation is a form of theatre in which no script is used. Instead, the actors create the dialog and action themselves, as they perform. The most popular style today is "spot" improv, in which performers get suggestions from their audience and use them to create short, entertaining scenes. And, both the audience as well as artistes at Bengaluru Comedy Festival enjoyed every bit of the act performed by The Improv.

It is educational

Improv explores and challenges the comedians’ as well as the audiences’ limits.While taking suggestions from the audience, both, the artistes and the audience are bound to think differently. Unlike conventional scripted theatre, there is an element of spontaneity and unpredictability that made improv a unique and exciting experience for the performers as well as the audience at the Bengaluru Comedy Festival.

No one can judge you

While attending the act at Bengaluru Comedy Festival by The Improv, we learned something. In Improv, anything goes and anything can happen. There’s no judging anyone for whatever suggestions they gave or whatever acts they displayed. Good life, isn’t it?

Why do you think we need more of Improvisation Comedy? Tell us in the comment section below. 

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