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published time By Lorraine Parakel published time 05 Oct, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Two days of gleeful laughter, three different stages (Black wagon, Blue Wagon & White Wagon) and more than 50 comedians - that is what entails the Bengaluru Comedy Festival 2015. The two days of spectacular display will bring stand-up comedians from across the country. Comedy Wagon brings to you the one of its kind, first ever Comedy Festival which is scheduled on 10th & 11th October, 2015 at UB City. 

With 18 events, showcasing some “not so serious” talent. Bengaluru Comedy Festival is all set to take the city by a laughter-riot. The festival is known to debut this year with comics from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and of course Bengaluru. The fest will showcase Stand-up comedy, Mime, live Sketch and a lot more. But, but but, you surely must be wondering who are the Stand-up comedians you should look up to, right? Keep reading!

From Bengaluru 

1. Sundeep Rao 

Performing at: Black Wagon & Blue Wagon

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He is famous for being India's first partially-blind comedian who does not spare anyone or anything.

2) Kenny Sebastian

Performing at: Black Wagon

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Every experience and punch-line of his stand-up is unique. Improvisation is a key part of his act.

From Mumbai 

3. Amogh Ranadive

Performing at: Blue Wagon

One of India’s most popular young stand-up comics who has been performing on a regular basis for the past 4 years.

4. Kaneez Surka

Performing at: Black Wagon

Associated with Improv Comedy in Mumbai from 2005 and a vital part of The Improvisers too. 

From Delhi 

5. Amit Tandon

Performing at: White Wagon

You will relate to his comedy. A master at sharing amusing observational and hugely relatable anecdotes. 

6. Vikramjit 

Performing at: Blue Wagon

Nice guy transformed to angry man, & when he couldn't get any angrier, he became funny.

From Chennai

7. Naveen Richard (now living in Bengaluru though) 

Performing at: Blue Wagon

Known to make fun of himself and also of the people around him through comedy. 


Performing at: White Wagon

A duo on everyday situations with their personal masala Bollywood and dramatic touch.

Join the troop at a rib-cracking ride of jokes and stand-up comedy, only at The Collection at UB City. Book your tickets here encourages you to Party Responsibly!