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published time By Sonali Velinker Kamat published time 06 Dec, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

You could say we’ve saved the best for last and you’d be right! As 2017 draws to a close, our favourite comedy nights have evolved into Black Dog ‘Mega’ Easy Evenings, with Whose Line is it Anyway? stars Greg Proops and Jeff Davis flying into Bangalore and Hyderabad to perform on December 16 and 17 respectively. Proops and Davis are absolutely awesome, but this mega two-city extravaganza gets better because of the bloke who is opening (and hosting) these Easy Evenings. It’s time for an imaginary drum roll, because Papa CJ is in the house — and you can expect him to rock it!

A world-renowned stand-up comedian, Papa CJ has hosted sell-out shows across five continents, but he takes serious objection to be called an “international act.” While matching the best of the best globally joke for joke, Papa CJ brandishes his nationality with pride. Of course he is happy to take pot-shots at the state of our roads, but you’ll be laughing out loud at his barbs. Sample this: Papa CJ tells us he learnt how to drive in Kolkata, but took driving lessons in London (who knows why?!). Apparently his British driving instructor once asked him, “You Indians, why don’t you drive in a straight line?” to which the funnyman replied, “In England, you drive on the left of the road. In Kolkata, we drive on what(ever) is left of the road.”

If you think that’s smart, it would probably help to know that Papa CJ has an MBA degree from the University of Oxford and went to Lawrence School - Sanawar as a child. He gave up his corporate career (like this other Indian comedian) and started performing stand-up comedy in 2004 and that’s great, because now you can unwind, relax and laugh your head off with this former management consultant and qualified Laughter Yoga Leader (yes, such a thing exists)!

Book your tickets at the earliest, so you don’t miss this mega entertaining evening.

Image Credits: comedynow; wikimedia

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