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published time By Abhishek published time 08 Oct, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Oscar Wilde once wrote: ““If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.”  Well, that’s precisely what most stand-up comics do today: They tell you the bitter truth with a generous dose of humor. Bangalore, it’s now time to tickle your funny bones and also face some bitter truth as the Royal Challenge Sport Drink presents Bangalore Comedy Festival with the top stand-up comics in the country, geared up with their best punchlines, ready to perform across 3 stages at U. B. City.  This is for the first time that Bangalore is going to witness a comedy fest this gala, and we shout out to all those fun-loving Bangaloreans to join us for the fun on the 10th and 11th of October.

Bangalore Comedy Fest 2016

                                                                                                                              Image Credit : justdial


Let’s take a quick look at the top ten artists who are going to set your laughter balls rolling:

•    Radhika Vaz:

Standup Comedian Radhika Vaz

Undoubtedly India’s one of the finest stand-up comics and one who has wiped off the gender bias, usually associated with stand-up comics. She is the rockstar of Indian comedy circuit, and as she says: Thirty is the new Forty. Forty the new Thirty…Dead is the new Alive!

    Abish Mathew:

Standup Comedian Abish Mathew

Who is yet to hear about this infamous brat of a stand-up comic? Part of the AIB team, Abish has contributed in redefining the comedy scene in India. A for Anish, B for Binish… Jinish Inish Finish...!

•    Sanjay Manaktala:

He happens when a techie suddenly turns into a Stand-up comic. One of the pioneers in this field, he is equally popular inside and outside YouTube. Oh, he sometimes goes on a fancy date to New Shanti Nagar

    Jeeveshu Ahluvalia:

Ram Kapoor of the comic world and Salman Khan of the Fat World, he cracks the weirdest of jokes with a poker face. He laughs at himself as well

    Aditi Mittal:

One of the best known faces in the Indian Stand-up comedy scene, Aditi is also an actress and a writer. She is also a founding member of the Ghanta awards and Filmfail awards

•    Daniel Fernandes:

(In)famous for his #hashtag potshots at almost everything, he is rumored to have recently received a friend request from Praveen Tambey. Now, if you don’t know who Tambey is…google it up!

•    Sundeep Rao:

His vision may fail him at times, but his comic foresight allows him to see far than most of us. He is not just the best, but he is India’s only partially blind standup Comic. Pure swag!

•    Praveen Kumar:

Rated as one of the top comic artists by TOI and a regular at most of the coveted comedy fests, Praveen is desperately fighting a battle to prove that not only Idli and Dosa, but southern India has sambar too

    Kenny Sebastian:  

At 24, he is a musician, film-maker, and a standup comic. He has written shows for comedy central and has done over 1000 shows. P.S: He’s recently got a haircut

•    Maheep Singh:

Perhaps the oldest brat in this line up, Maheep is a former editor who now, instead of chopping words, minces no words in his shows and is forever upset wih why people greet him with a “balle balle” every time.

There are more gems in this line up, and trust me friends, you just can’t afford to let this go.

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