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published time By Lorraine Parakel published time 01 Oct, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

An evening of epic comedy, a few tried, a few tested, many new and fresh, but, all definitely never seen or heard before. The search of the next big guns of comedy on YouTube in India has finally ended. After the seven-week challenge, starting from News Comedy, Bollywood, Location, Modern Day Relationships, Branded Content to Format Challenge, the teams were up for a #RoyalChallenge, the challenge of winning.

While Twitter went Berserk about the #ComedyHuntFinale as you can see below, the live stream on YouTube just gave this one of a kind event a great momentum. 

#BoldMove was co-sponsored by Royal Challenge Sports Drinks, the three-month-long contest began on 6th July, 2015 and ended on 30th September, 2015. The dazzling Comedy hunt finale on 30th September was hosted by All India Bakchod, Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath, SNG Comedy, East India Comedy and Abish Mathew

However, for the ones who missed it, here’s a quick run through for why you should have not. 

Starting off with All India Bakchod

Yes, we did miss Rohan Joshi, but we had a generic good looking guy to cover up. Here he is

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the “generic good looking guy” (quoted by Ashish Shakya) Kanan Gill.

Followed by the pretentious gods of YouTube along with the punny human 

Kanan Gill, Biswa Kalyan Rath and Abish Mathew crack some crazy puns and awful knock knock jokes. Video below:

While East India Comedy (EIC) cracked us up with their stand ups

Schitzengiggles, famously known as SNG comedy did an Improv


It does not end here, the most important reason for why you should have not missed the finale was because the tickets were FREE (that’s what Ashish Shakya quoted… again)  

After hours or jaw aching laughter, it was now time to announce the winners. With much ado, the top finalist was announced. Random Chikibum bagged the first ever Comedy hunt winner title against 1,578 entries (40 of which were shortlisted) from 60 different cities. After weeks of elimination and crazy challenges, the ones who made it to the top five were Weird Communications, Take 900, Funny Brownies, Forked Up and Random Chikibum.  

After announcing the name of the winners All India Bakchod said, “When AIB started, comedy was lesser known and looked down upon. But today, we have come a long way and with pit stops such the Comedy Hunt, the race for being the king of comedy is truly rewarding.” 

While the winners on receiving their award said “dream come true”, “What started as a source of laughter in behind closed doors is today a recognised art on the digital platform.” 

"We would like to congratulate Random Chikibum who withstood the test of time and even after much scrutiny, made us laugh each time," AIB said. 

Congratulating the team, Satyanarayan Raghavan, Head of Content and Operations, YouTube India, said, "Comedy Hunt is India's first ever show on the online platform that inspires creativity... 

"I congratulate Random Chikibum for winning the Comedy Hunt Challenge and wish them all the best for their future videos.

All we have to say is, we are glad to have yet another funny time and yet some more comedy in our lives. 

Here is a video from Random Chikibum’s channel: 

All we have to say is, we are glad to have yet another funny time and yet some more comedy in our lives. encourages you to Enjoy Responsibly