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The Journey

Vipul Goyal is one of the first few comedians to go viral on Youtube in India. Armed with Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT-Bombay, he worked in retail for a while before realizing his true calling lies in comedy.

Stand Up Comedian - Vipul Goyal perfoming on stage

Signing off his job with ‘Humorously Yours’, he co-founded a promotion and management company with the same name, functioning as its CEO and collaborating with Anurabh Kumar (of TVF Fame) to create comedic content that differentiates from the done, dusted and reincarnated in Indian movies and TV today. Vipul fashions himself as an expert in ‘Humor Resources’, providing solutions to strike the audience’s funny bone and keep their laughter running.

With regular stints at the Comedy Store (Now Canvas Laugh Club), several college festivals around India (the IITs and IIMs), and guest speaking opportunities at the Edinburgh Festival and Toastmasters International, Goyal holds a large following, with the early nickname ‘Viral Goyal’ defining his rise to fame.

The Genre

Goyal’s sets and gags are primarily on layman topics such as Sachin Tendulkar, Indian gods, Engineering, and every topic that requires an Indian to have an opinion on it. His strongest aspect is his popularity among every kind of demographic, particularly the corporate sphere, due to his clean style of expression and acceptance among family crowds. With performances for Tata Communications, HDFC Ergo, Cognizant, Ferrero Rocher and Fractal Analytics to name a few, Goyal holds fine balance over being a comedian for all seasons. Aside from English, Vipul often does his sets in Hindi.

Top One Liners

‘Beta! Jab main yahan sheher mein aaya, toh seene mein junoon aur jeb mein 10 rupay lekar aaya tha!’…yaar yeh sabke baap hamesha 10-20 rupay lekar hi nikalte hain haan!

Comedian Vipul Goyal on stage

High land property rates...Lets use them to solve our Kashmir problem. Like next time when Pakistan asks for Kashmir, let’s just sell it to them. Like ‘Kashmir chahiye? Lo na sir, 15 hazaar per square feet hai. Total area is 700 crore square feet. Gulmilaakar aapkya hogaya 100 lakh crore rupay! Abhi aukad hai toh khareed lo sir aap. Aur haan sir, parking ka extra lagega sir…Please! And don’t park in Ladakh, or the vehicle will get towed by China’

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