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The Journey

With a prolific career in scriptwriting for TV since completing BMM at National College, Bhat rose to fame after winning a national comic hunt by Vir Das’ troupe. Besides being a part of Weirdass Comedy and being involved in its properties (like the Cardinal Bengans) and writing for award shows such as the Filmfare Awards, Bhat has written for TV shows like ‘Oye Its Friday!’, ‘Hass Le India’ & ‘Nach Le Ve.

Stand Up Comedian - Tanmay Bhat performing on stage

In 2011–12, he gained popularity from his podcast with fellow comic Khamba, titled ‘All India Bakchod’. After their YouTube sketch ‘It’s Your Fault’ went viral, AIB have now gone on to become the ‘edgiest’ comedy collective in the country.  

Besides his co-creation AIB, Tanmay has performed extensively in both public and corporate spheres; also, he is among the first Indians to perform at the Comedy Store, Mumbai.

The Genre

Bhat’s sense of humour is perhaps an amalgamation of all his experiences in writing for television and large events. A mix of heady harsh-hitting truths alongside the occasional swearing make Bhat’s trademark style electro-convulsive therapy for the uptight and conservative. Fashioning himself and his group as ‘absolutists’ who ‘try to constantly push the envelope’, Bhat’s forte lies in finding the joke out of the otherwise normal or odd in our daily lives.

Top One Liners

If I had to trade my life for anyone’s, it’d be Shiva. Coz Shiva’s cool, you know, Shiva’s just hanging out on top of the mountains, chilling out in the snow…and he’s getting high! Shiva’s so high, he has no idea he has a snake on his neck! He has no idea…someone needs to tell him ‘Sir, saanp hai, saanp!

Stand Up Comedian - Tanmay Bhat

Hockey’s is our national sport. Which is weird because whenever I see a dude with a hockey stick I never think ‘Wow, this man will make our country proud one day’, it is ‘Ah, lagaane waala hai kisi ki, yeaah!’ (He’s about to thrash somebody, yeah!)

How crowded is Bombay? Bombay is so crowded that one of these days, terrorists will want to attack us but won’t know how to get in.

Top Videos

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