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The Journey

A Mumbai-based stand-up comedian, Rohan Joshi is as ‘townie’ as it gets. He loves chicken, fears anyone who plays Farmville, does not like people who use the SMS language, and is an ardent fan of Tina Fey. After graduating from Jai Hind College, Joshi worked as a journalist for CNBC for a while. He was a part of events such as the Hamateur Nights at Blue Frog, a testament to the fledgling comedy scene in India before 2010.

Stand-Up Comedian - Rohan Joshi

In late 2011 or early 2012, Joshi’s inclusion in the group of four that were Tanmay, Ashish, Khamba and him, formed what we fondly know today as All India Bakchod.

Besides his stint with AIB, he is a satire columnist for Mid-Day and a travel writer for the online portal CNN Travel.

The Genre

Joshi is jokingly called the face of AIB due to his Bombay-iite status and connections with Bollywood. His humour is observational, sarcastic and often laced with social commentary about the city, the country and their idiosyncrasies. Through his blog and AIB, perhaps RoJo (as he is also called) shines best in taking the mickey out of everything regressive, intolerant, and bigoted by ridiculing it, until the laughter stops (or he gets arrested)!

Top One Liners

I have to come out the closet…I am a Gujarati, okay? And I’m not afraid to say it anymore! I apologize to you guys for Himesh Reshammiya but that’s it!

Stand-Up Comedian Rohan Joshi performing on stage

What I do love about Buddhism though is that it teaches you things. There are always stories…with animals…and morals in the end. It’s like Tinkle Comics with small eyes.

Why are they saying in public what we say at parties?

Karan (Johar), you are exactly like the movies you make. You both have massive openings. Your filmography alright, lemme do this…KKHH, Kal Ho Na Ho, KANK…dude you are so obsessed with the letter K, you probably snort Potassium!

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