About Stand Up Comedian: Praveen Kumar

The Journey

Starting from his miming days in BITS Pilani, Praveen Kumar went on to become a part-time blogger, before inspiration from an article written about Papa CJ prompted Kumar to try his hand at stand-up comedy in 2008. Despite stumbles and aberrations, Kumar progressed through open-mic competitions organized by Weirdass and occasional shows in the corporate and private spheres. In 2013, Praveen quit his full-time job and began his first show, the Tickle Minded. In the past two years, he has collaborated with other comics based out of Bangalore, such as Sanjay Manaktala and Sundeep Rao, to generate a thriving comedy scene in the city of Bangalore.

Stand-up comedian Praveen Kumar performs on stage

Today, Kumar is a member of Bangalore’s foremost comedy group, the Polished Bottoms. He has to his credit regular appearances at the Comedy Store in Mumbai and several open-mic nights that are now a part of Bangalore’s comedy circuit, with his own theme-based shows such as The IT show (TITS), STFU, and Daddy’s Day Out.

The Genre

Praveen concedes that he turns everything that irritates him, such as superstitions, into a joke. Most of his humour is observational and based on topics that audiences down South relate to—his heavy South Indian accent being the bonus with his rib-tickling quips. With his forte being in local topics such as Bangalore traffic, celebrities, marriage to name a few, Kumar’s strength lies in his attempt ‘to connect with the audience before making them laugh’.

Top One Liners

One of the stupidest beliefs is…when a dog whines, someone in the neighbourhood dies. How will a dog’s whine link to someone’s death? Who knows the actual reason for a dog’s whine? Maybe someone must have stolen his food…or they must have closed the neighbouring mutton shop…or maybe a bitch told him ‘we are just good friends!’

My boss is a very funny guy, he not only gives me work…but also expects me to do that. And when he knows I’m an MBA. And we MBAs are not designed to work but to get it done through someone else and take the credit for it!

Top Videos

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