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The Journey

Kanan Gill completed his graduation in Bangalore and worked as Software Engineer in Exeter for 3 years, right before things took a detour for him after he won a competition titled ‘Punchline Bangalore’, and then one after that at the Comedy Store, Mumbai. That's how the hot-bedded affair between stand-up comedy and Mr.Gill began. 

Stand Up Comedian - Kanan Gill

Around this time, several major things occurred; Gill’s YouTube series called ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ with fellow comic Biswa became hugely popular among audiences, Gill moved to Mumbai to pursue stand-up after quitting his job, and women online realized that the engineer-turned-YouTuber was tad too handsome to not be enamoured of. And thus began the saga of Rath and Gill going up the comedy hill!

Besides Pretentious, there are several other ventures such as Dudes and Street Interviews, alongside Kanan’s blog, christened ‘Cheesecake

The Genre

While Kanan Gill’s forte is sarcasm, his timing and an ability to elicit laughs at dating habits (watch his Street Interviews!), the female attention he gets, Biswa’s IIT tag, and the sheer sadness of Bollywood’s lowest fare make him worth your time, tickets and/or broadband connection! 

Kanan Gill performing on stage

It is understandable that while his looks and YouTube fame may get the women (and men) coming in, the jokes make them stay!

Top One Liners

  • The portrayal of women in the movie Gunda is graceful, tasteful and highly respectful *turn to montage of rapes and molestations taking place in the movie*
  • So I’m wearing a vest, and apparently it’s also called a wife-beater…now I didn’t know of this. And it’s real funny, because I don’t want such expectations out of my clothes man! I mean, imagine what if you turn into a real wife-beater just because you’re wearing one. I mean someone comes up to you and you go *raises hand* oops, sorry! That’s because of my wife-beater.
  • So I’m the only guy in the family on my mom’s side. Like I have one cousin who’s gay, so I don’t know if that counts…so yeah.

Top Videos

As a part of Pretentious Movie Reviews :

Kanan performing a stand-up routine in Bangalore :