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The Journey

Khamba, a renowned stand-up comedian finished studying journalism in Delhi University and was an active member of AIESEC as well as the student front called United Students. While he intended to go to England for his Masters after graduation, a bout of illness held him back and led him to start a blog named ‘Khamba’s Blog’, where he put up his views on social and political issues in India.

Stand Up Comedian: Gursimran Khamba

His foray into stand-up comedy began when the blog caught the attention of comic Rajneesh Kapoor, who invited him for an open-mic night. After earning his stripes, Khamba moved to Mumbai to explore the comedy circuit and meet a Twitter friend named Tanmay Bhat. They started a podcast on Soundcloud, which has now gone on to become the viral juggernaut and comedy collective All India Bakchod, famed for its Roast that made the headlines (and pissed off right-wingers) for several reasons.

The Genre

Gursimran Khamba’s humour is generally laced heavily with sarcasm and quirky tongue-in-cheek references. His deadpan and poker-faced manner of delivery makes his observations about various topics a treat to watch. 

Stand Up Comedian: Gursimran Khamba

His forte is in both improve as well as stand-up comedy, as is often noticed in his social media posts and on his blog. With biting repartee and a fabulous eye for detail that helps him in extracting the best of humor from situations, Khamba is indeed a class act, wherever he and whomsoever he lampoons!

Top One Liners

  • One really needs to watch Babbu Mann’s America to realize just how bad Punjab’s drug problem is.
  • Yes because they’d probably break a few windows to protest *someone in audience spills plate which breaks* Oh, have they already started right here?
  • Karan Johar is now best friends with Anurag Kashyap so he can get some, like, Indie cred. It’s the first time in Bollywood that someone has slept their way to the bottom.
  • You know you live in a patriarchal society when, even after winning a major tennis tournament, women are given plates.

Top Videos

As a standup speaker at AIESEC’s ChaT 2011 :

As a part of AIB’s Royal Turds :