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The Journey

Who doesn't know Ashish Shakya! A lateral thinker, king of satire and one of the best stand-up comedians the nation has seen. After a fabulously unforgettable experience doing Electronics Engineering in Mumbai, Shakya started his career working as a wordsmith for the hit CNN-IBN show ‘The Week That Wasn’t’, famed for its satirical take on the issues each week. Besides this, Shakya has also worked on MTV’s Pepsi MTV’s Wassup – The Voice of Youngistaan’. Shakya also has MTV’s ‘Bring on the Night’ as a writing credit to his name.

Ashish Shakya performing on stage

Beginning his stand-up performances as a part of niche events, such as the Bombay Elektrik Projekt in 2010, he is now a part of the comedy collective ‘All India Bakchod’ since 2011, and writes as a weekly columnist for the Hindustan Times. He also has an active online presence and a humour blog under the alias ‘Stupidus Maximus’. His candid manner of talk has seen him featured as a guest speaker on the primetime news (freak) show ‘The News Hour’ and several other ad campaigns such as the Cadbury Bourneville #NSSNights promotions.

The Genre

Shakya’s style of humour stems out of everything in the observable universe; politics, generic controversies, stereotypes and even your sad soul-sucking job. His sets, while not necessarily family-friendly and often laden with ribaldry, are hard-hitting takes that provide social commentary in his own inimitable, funny manner. With a pathological liking for jokes on the idiocies in society, Shakya styles himself as a ‘general idiot for hire’.

Top One Liners

I’m talking about one of the most beautiful men in the country. The most charming and the most charismatic of them…and that is, Mamata Bannerjee!

‘And once his wife is just climaxing, Arnab Goswami will say ‘NO! The people want to know…are you faking it?’ ‘

To be clear, the pronouncement (of the Strikedown against the PIL to ban porn sites in India) was not a celebration of the pizza delivery guy/plumber/agent documentaries that people hold so dear, but of the freedom to privately consume the most offensive, vapid content out there, be it smut or Comedy Nights With Lowest Common Denominator. 

And Salman did Ek Tha Tiger, where he plays a RAW agent. RAW is Research and Analysis Wing…yeah, research and analysis, two things Salman is great at, clearly.

Top Videos

At a solo gig during Bombay Elektrik Project 

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In an ad promoting NSSNights in Bangalore -

At Royal Turds