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Manhattan, The Craft Brewery



One of the largest microbreweries in the country, Manhattan is not getting complacent in its glory. Constantly reinventing itself, much like the reinvention of beers taking place at the pub, Manhattan has introduced stand up comedy nights to its repertoire of events. Try the wide variety of freshly crafted beers while snacking on some finger foods from cuisines in Germany, America, Japan, China, Greece and much, much more. Like the food and beer, the comedy here too is top­notch with experts from the Canvas Comedy Club performing regularly.

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Striker Pub and Kitchen

Striker Pub

Pub, kitchen, and comedy are three delightful words put together. There are few things more therapeutic than ordering a cold one and having it reach you, ordering delicious chicken tandoori momos delivered to your table, while the good vibes flow through the bar as laughter erupts unanimously on accord of the country’s best stand up acts. Visit Striker in Ambiance Mall for a great experience.

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Soi 7

The authentic pan­Asian restaurant serves up authentic comedy to its guests. Something else authentic about Soi 7 is the beer. Being a microbrewery, they have a wide range of craft beers on tap for you to try. It is this authentic experience that the nation’s best stand up acts are striving to complete at Soi 7’s stand up comedy nights.

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What A Comic Show

What a Comic Show is a comic theme restaurant at Safdarjung Development Area in Delhi. The first of its kind in the country, the walls come alive in this pub. Being covered with comic characters of your liking in all corners “WACS” makes you feel like the comic hero you always wanted to be. Obviously this place has become a hub for stand up comedy. 

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