Aziz Ansari discovers the unexpected perks of being a stand-up comedian!

You may start out as a stand-up comedian and end up as an actor, but here’s another possible perk we hadn’t counted on before. As Aziz Ansari discovered on Valentine’s Day, being a funny guy may land you a smokin’ hot girl too!

Aziz Ansari Standup Comedian

From what we hear, the 32-year-old comic celebrated V-Day with none other than Hollywood hottie Jennifer Lawrence — spending the evening together at the Commodore bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. “They were laughing and chatting throughout,” says one fly on the wall, who doesn’t go as far as to suggest the date was necessarily romantic. “They had a couple of drinks and tried lots of different food,” adds the source, “and they looked like really good friends.” Also, to ensure they had a pictorial memory of an all-round memorable night, J-Law asked the bartender to snap up a shot on her iPhone, as she posed with ‘Parks and Recreation’ star Aziz on their way out.

A Valentine’s Day date with J-Law — romantic or not, you’ve got to agree that’s no laughing matter!

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