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published time By Lorraine Parakel published time 14 Oct, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

When talking about stand-up comedy, the names that come to mind are mostly of male comedians, the popular ones being Tanmay Bhat, and Daniel Fernandes and such. Ok, so comedy too, like most other industries is male dominated. Then there are the likes of Sumukhi Suresh who get on stage and prove that there is nothing that men do which women can’t do better. The audience at the Bengaluru Comedy Festival unanimously agrees on this one. 

Sumukhi Suresh is one the few female stand-up comedians in India who is as popular in the stand-up comedy circuit as her male peers.  She started her career as a comedian three years ago, when there female comedians were a rare breed.

Let’s hear her opinions about the genre and her journey. 

Your Struggle as a female stand-up comedian
Female Stand-up comedian

“There weren’t as many women earlier, but yes, things are changing now for good. The number of female performers are increasing over time and the audience too is getting used to the shift. What can be challenging are the jokes. People aren't very accustomed to girls cussing or talking about taboo topics. This too is slowly changing as the audience’s mind is opening up with different acts by female comics.” 

Who are your favourite stand-up comedians? 
Naveen Richard has always been my favourite, and I love Kenny in improv. Richa Kapoor is someone who I also admire but yes I can give her tough competition too! Sundeep Rao and Sanjay Manaktala too are in my list of favourites.

Many comedians are superstitious regarding shows. Do you have any rituals?
Superstitious Comedians

“Yes, I wear the same top during my my improv and sketch shows. I have been wearing the same top for three years for all my shows.”

Alternate career choices?
“If not for stand-up comedy, I would be a chef. I will anyday choose cooking over comedy, but right now, I am enjoying comedy more.” encourages you to Party Responsibly! 

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