6 Reasons to Date a Stand Up Comedian

You know what’s better than dating? Dating a funny person.  

But you know what’s the best? Dating  stand up comedians. There’s nothing more sexy than seeing your significant other go up on that stage and pulling down the chuckles out of everyone in that room.

Plus you get all the love and all the laughs and you don’t have to pay a single penny for it. Cheers to the stand-up comedy!

Which is why today we’ll scale those skeptical walls of yours, climb down to the other side and share with you  the perks of dating a stand-up comedian...

Who doesn’t love to laugh after long hard day at work

Reasons to Date a Stand Up Comedian

There’s nothing more heavenly than being with someone who is a pro at making you feel alive and at ease with a few laughs in an instant.

They make anything bad 10 times more enjoyable

Obviously it’s not like they are ready with something funny at the drop of a hat but they do know how to break the ice.

Expression is their second name

It’s said comedy is the one of the strongest forms of expression. So, if you are an introvert, don’t worry, your comedian partner is always ready to help you in breaking those walls.

They are the life of the party

Here’s the best part about dating a comedian. There’s never a dull moment and introducing him at a party would be a piece of cake. Your friends will think they’re hilarious and Voila! You guys are officially the star of the party.

They’re bold, adventurous and always up for something new

Idle-ism & comedians NEVER go hand in hand. They believe in living every moment of their lives by laughing, making others laugh and doing something extraordinary 3 out of 5 times.

Get ready to bungee jump or shed tears of LOLs, or both!

And the biggest perk of dating a comedian…

If you’re struggling with conversations at your work-station, don’t worry!

Cracking a joke is always a great ice-breaker, and you know exactly who to call when you need some mind-boggling ideas.

Now that we’ve given you enough reasons, why not say ‘Yes’ to that comedian instead of friendzoning them. 

Give it a chance. Your comedian-in-a-shining-armour will always be ready to rescue you.

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