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published time By Liveinstyle published time 09 Oct, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Whisky, although there’s plenty of it, it can be slightly hard to steer an appetizing and enjoyable way to experience it, through the plethora of selections on offer. Tasting is the answer to this enjoyable challenge, for your whisky loving friends it would be an evening to remember where you indulge your palate with basic techniques and know how. Hire a whisky expert who can help to stimulate your senses into fully appreciating the many facets of fine whisky.

To really enjoy an evening like this you will need the right blend of guests who are passionate about their spirit. Even if you are unable to hire an expert, an experienced whiskey lover can lead the way with a few simple rules. To begin with, guests will need a whisky and a glass. Instead of an ordinary glass you could instead opt for industry standard shaped glasses; the ones that are specifically designed to capture the congeners and direct them towards your eager nose. Shaped like an extended sherry glass with a broad stem, it allows you to swirl and sniff without showering your neighbor with whisky!

It is necessary to remember that while the appearance of a whisky is not very important, it is worth knowing about nevertheless. As an expert, you could tell your guests to give a thought to familiar and identifiable colours like gold, amber, yellow, the skin of a ripe peach to name a few. Look out for whiskys with these colours for best results.

The next and a fairly vital tip for whisky tasting is a fine nose! Explain to your guests that this is perhaps the most vital element when it comes to appraising a whisky. Most drams (a small amount of an alcoholic drink, particularly whisky or brandy) will disclose much more information through the olfactory system than through the palate; in fact, as the popular adage goes, tasting is simply nothing but a confirmation of what the nose has already told you! Let your guests take their time to familiarize their noses with various aromas and fragrances of blends.

An interesting tip to help them enjoy the experience further is to ask them to give the whisky a swirl to release the aromas. Then the glass is carefully and gently brought to the nose to sniff. Whisky tasting is nothing short of the first flushes of a romance or longing for memories gone by, so search your mind for nostalgia! Smells are almost always linked to associations: whether it is the smell of old leather, wood, age, mustiness or even Christmas cake, dried fruits, sultanas or port. Every smell will have its own and distinct memory

As their whisky expert, it is necessary to inform your guests that the next step in this experience is the actual tasting part. Here it is important to pay attention to the texture of the whisky in your mouth. A few parameters or pertinent questions you can put across to your friends and guests are, is it soft and rolling or hot and immediate? Is it drying (tannins) or then refreshing and lively? You could also pick up any sweetness or sourness, in the whisky, as well as other basic flavours while swirling it in your mouth. Your guests must know that their palate will be the best guide on what the structure of the whisky is, whether there is there a definite beginning, middle or end. Guests should be attuned to when different tastes begin to form in the palate. A most important question to ask is if this has a satisfying conclusion. The finish can be short, medium or long. It can be dry or smooth.

A lot of your friends or guests present that evening may like water in their drink. The use of water while drinking whisky is a personal choice. In order to enhance the experience of whisky tasting and have a thoroughly enjoyable evening, tell your guests to add only a few drops of water to their whisky. When drops of water are added to a whisky, it opens it up and makes known the complex effectiveness of a dram’s taste. It is an imperative tip in helping to identify the ingredient elements easily and effectively.

The most significant tip for the evening is, shared whisky tasting is the best way to bring forth a highly satiating experience from an excellent dram, have more soirees like this. In such a forum you can exchange notes or just compare your thoughts with friends and whisky aficionados alike. Enjoy yourself and cheers!

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