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published time By Liveinstyle published time 27 May, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

It doesn’t get more versatile that Vat 69 – the drink that’s perfect for every occasion, from mellow, introspective evenings to rousing boys’ nights out.

Date night cheers: A special evening with that special someone coming up? Start off on the right note and make sure everything’s perfect – from the choice of restaurant or bar to what you order. Make it super cool by switching your usual beer for a classier drink – like Vat 69. If your girl’s got good taste, you can both order the same thing.

classier drink – like Vat 69

Elegant entertaining: If you’re celebrating a special occasion with a stylish sit-down dinner at home, you want it to be whispering class all the way. Set the right mood with some rounds of fine whisky for your dinner guests. You could even consider pairing your dinner menu with whisky for a truly gourmet affair.

Best with the boys: End of the week and you want to kick back and cut loose. What could be better than a long evening out in town with your best pals. And guess what makes a good evening with the boys a great one? A fine whisky, that’s what. So, order Vat 69 and watch the fun multiply.

A special touch to solitude: So, it’s been a hard, challenging day at work and you’re looking forward to an evening of quiet relaxation. Look no further than Vat 69 to ease you into that mellow mood you are seeking. Take a hot bath, pull on your fave pyjamas, put on your playlist and sip in quiet. Read a book, get down to writing that poem and savour the moment. encourages you to Party Responsibly!