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published time By Liveinstyle published time 26 May, 2016 Share image 0 Shares


Let me paint you a picture.

The weather has suddenly picked up.

The temperature has dropped outside.

It’s getting cloudy.

You can see the little drops falling and rolling down your window sill.

You feel the urge to get cozy.

Curl up on your couch.

Get a drink.

And play some chill music.

It’s not crazy to think you crave a whole evening all to yourself.

No, you haven’t grown up yet. You are still young. Yes, you do have a significant other or you don’t, doesn’t matter. Just trying to make up for lost time for, well yourself!

And for that one evening you want to feel like the king of this world.

With the right drink in hand, it’s essential to have the right music playing around you.





Music has been known to influence one’s thoughts in many ways. Here’s a playlist customized to best suit your glass of Scotch. This style of electronic beats would be the right way to go for that wilderness in your mind that you haven’t explored yet, that space in your head you haven’t tapped yet or the dreams that you didn’t know you even had.  It’s music that’s sensual, serene, independent, instrumental with minimal vocals and downbeat tempos that surprisingly uplifts you as well calms you down. It lets you unwind and relax. Without a shadow of a doubt, this playlist gains your trust with the very first song. Go on, get yourself a Black Dog, click on this link and let the mellow take over. encourages you to Party Responsibly!