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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 05 Feb, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

After spending a fabulous weekend at the glamourous, glittering McDowell Signature Indian Derby, I am high on life. No, really! The action, the adrenalin, the pulsating energy and vibrancy made this a weekend to remember.

You know you’re at the McDowell Signature Indian Derby when…

1.The beautiful Turf Club comes alive like never before – and one of the most lovely, underrated and tranquil places in Mumbai is thrust into the limelight

2.Horses meet clotheshorses – while the majestic horses gallop to glory on the turf, their fashionable counterparts grab eyeballs off the turf.

3.The racing horses are trained on treadmills! Yes, the thoroughbreds gallop at over 60km/hr on a specially designed equine treadmill! They also wade about in an equine swimming pool as a form of exercise. Wow!

4.Everyone around at the Derby is dressed just so well – in their jackets and ties, sunglasses and fascinators. You may feel mildly inadequate looking at all the fashionable people around you.

5.Hats, hats, hats. In every possible size, shape and colour possible. Our favourite: Natasha Poonawala, who wore an Alexander McQueen hat with a honeycomb pattern.

6.Superstar Akshay Kumar (swoon!) and the stunning Raveena Tandon – Bollywood’s biggest stars marked their presence at the McDowell Signature Indian Derby.

7.The most unusual runway of them all – models Pia Trivdei, Deepti Gujral and Candice Pinto stole the show as they staged outdoor fashion shows in the racecourse paddock – With a sweeping lawn as their ramp. Collections by Shane & Falguni Peacock and Swapnil Shinde were showcased.

8.Everyone has a betting tip to share. Listen carefully, you may just luck out. After all, betting at the famed McDowell Signature Indian Derby is a bucket-list worthy experience!

9.International entertainment on the Turf – the sizzling Serenity Sisters (a Broadway act) showcased their stunning dance moves, while leading magician Yong Tian from Singapore charmed one and all with her magic.

10.Meet and greet in style – At the McDowell Signature Indian Derby, you will bump into old friends, new contacts, acquaintances, people you used to know – everyone. It is the biggest social event to meet and greet!

11.Listen carefully to the names of the thoroughbreds racing – Isn’t She Special, Circle of Life, Kuekenhoff…they’re sure to bring a smile to your face!

12.Cool down with the Signature cocktails Saddle Up and Set Alite (Named after two of Vijay Mallya’s legendary thoroughbreds). Cheers, we say!

If you missed the McDowell Signature Indian Derby this year, we suggest you block your calendar for next year. Immediately. And get working on that look already!

Article by - Mithila Mehta