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published time By Liveinstyle published time 02 Feb, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

Of fashion and glamour, McDowell’s Signature Indian Derby 2014 seemed to be an exhibit of the latest trends as the fashion savvy turned in being the forerunners of next season’s upcoming styles. A visual extravaganza, we pick the trends we loved the most.

Floral Prints

Floral prints were predominant at the Derby. Women turned in cute, feminine looking dresses of varying hemlines with elegant floral prints on it. Wearing spring shades of blue, orange, yellow, pink and white, they descended to the luscious green grounds of the race course, we felt nature is on our side.

Black and White

Black-and-white has always been a Derby favourite and this time too we saw many variations of the combo on the fashion scene, adorned by many trend setters. Be it stripes, florals, Aztec or color blocking, almost everything seemed monochrome. And why not, it’s a color combination that exudes elegance and class almost as soon as light falls on it.

Sheath and Shift

While shift dresses are meant for ease of moment and at the same time hiding physical flaws, women naturally chose to go shift for the day. Sheath dresses which became popular in the sophisticated sixties were a Derby favourite as women with perfect waists touted their hourglass silhouettes.

Maxi Dresses

When you come for a Derby, expect sun, scorching hot sun. It’s best to ditch your winter wear and rush open your spring wardrobes and so did the ladies at Signature Indian Derby. Printed summer maxis, in easy flowing fabric were prime at the race course. That and oversized sunglasses.

Derby Hats

While big Victorian and Edwardian hats have been major at every Derby event, this season the large ones seemed to be substituted as chic mini and mid-sized hats took over. A choice of comfort as well as class, it was a more convenient option as well as stylish one. Although the larger ones would give more UV protection. But then again, what are sunscreens for? Signature Indian Derby is emitting style, absorbing the luxe modishness, and get all set for spring. It’s good to be inspired.

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