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When we think of Derby, we think of glamour. Of uptown ladies in their hats and sunnies carrying their Chanel and Gucci; of men looking sleek in a tie and jacket; of the handsome horse riders and rich horses. The Signature Indian Derby 2014 started by proving all of these thoughts right as the glam quotient was hitting a 10 on the scale of style at Day 1. As the Racecourse looked like the venue of a high sorority party, we happened to catch splendid fashion as India’s most unconventional designer Swapnil Shinde exhibited his collection.

The show started with Model Pia Trivedi walking the ramp in a voluminous sweetheart neck tulle gown. Clinched at the waist with gold metal, it accentuated her curves and she looked her feminine best.

Silhouettes were voluminous and lady-like inspired from the 50’s when women dressed for their men. From midi length tulle skater skirts to long couture gowns, the shapes looked ample and oversized. What also stood out was an oversized bow at the back of an evening gown. Well-defined waist, metallic corsets with ultra-feminine skirts looked futuristic and added an edgy twist to womanly dressing.

Fabrics included silk chiffons, silk organza, tulle, satin, jacquard, houndstooth as well as rayon with intricately detailed embellishments and beadwork.
Color palette was subtle with pastels and graduated to darker shades of blue, black and pink. 80’s bling predominated the collection. A blue shimmer gown with a thigh high slit looked like the gleaming starry sky while a black couture gown with a voluminous textured skirt looked like the darker moonless version of the same sky. A pink one with embellished sheer waist cuts and yoke looked charmingly princess like.

All-in-all, the collection screamed, “Ladies, it’s time to flaunt your femininity and get red carpet ready!” And as Swapnil Shinde walked down the ramp wearing a Being Human tee and a black blazer with Pia Trivedi by his side, the visual impact seemed everlasting.

Swapnil Shinde put up such a style radiating show, one would feel it ended too soon. But then again all good things come to an end, don’t they? And with that thought we looked forward to other gigs and performances at the McDowell Signature Indian Derby, before they pass us by.

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