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published time By Liveinstyle published time 03 Feb, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

The succeeding day at Signature Indian Derby saw in its light international designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock’s seductive line of Luxury Cruise 2014. Known for their prints mixology, the ensembles exhibited floral, abstract, graphic, stripes and a bit of wild. When it comes to prints, the duo wants it all.While body suits and figure contouring dresses were predominant on the runway, shift dresses were for those who would like some volume.

An amalgamation of athleticism and style, boxy crop tops worn over trousers as well as a maxi dress with sports-jersey like numericals 68 printed on it seemed to be a union of laid back and glam. Cropped jackets over hot pants, crop tops over body suits looked ready to be packed into our holiday suitcases as we head to that tropical island on a hot summer day.

Colour Palette was bursting with shades of green, blue, orange, yellow and peach. The duo’s signature embellishments like feathers, sequins and prints highlighted the sheer chiffon and net, creating an imagery drama.

A sequined black mini dress looked like one which a confident, mystical woman would wear to that party she’s got exclusive invite to, on a tour of her dream destination.

As Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon walked the ramp, the viewers could not stop themselves from cheering wholeheartedly. Akshay Kumar wore a 3 piece suit and a hat, with sunglasses and his newly acquired salt and pepper beard for his upcoming movie, Gabbar. While he has been away from the silver screen since awhile, his fans have been waiting to see him sway on stage.

With that we felt like we got two bonuses at the same time- a fashion exhibit to remember and a star one can never forget. At the Signature Indian Derby, we got the best of the best, in one fell swoop!

For pictures of this fabulous fashion show, click here.

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