Serenity Sisters Debut at #SignatureDerby

As Signature Indian Derby was a weekend not only confined to racing but a weekend of live gigs that saw for the first time in India spectacular Serenity Sisters. A group of six internationally singers regarded for their dance moves and spectacular choreography debuted at the Signature Indian Derby.

Serenity Sisters performed their never seen before Broadway act in India on the grounds of Derby. These sensuous and gorgeous looking women perform regularly at the uptown clubs of France and London. While it was their pilot performance here, they immediately grew in our hearts as these femme fatales grooved to our favourite dance numbers. As they shook a leg or two to “I’m Sexy and I Know it” we couldn’t help but hold it true.

They are known for their sensuous yet smooth moves which set the stage on fire. But what really got our Indians souls grooving is when these stunning ladies sung and performed our favourite numbers from Bollywood. We don’t know whether the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach or not but the way to an Indian’s heart is definitely through celluloid. The audience was left pleasantly surprised as they sang “Banke Titli” and while we were still trying to take in all the amazement, they proceeded to sing “Tum hi ho”. They rocked the show with “We will rock you” and with that song just when we thought that there are no more Hindi songs on their list, they once again took us by surprise. “Khoya Khoya Chand” and “Badtameez dil” were songs enough to get the audience watch the beautiful women perform on India’s catchiest tracks.

What was outstanding is that although Hindi is not their language Serenity Sisters reckon but still they performed with ease and mesmerizing poise.

Serenity Sisters are a group of six women who are fashionable, sexy, can sing, dance and perform tantalizing Broadway acts. What can they not do? Signature Indian Derby was oozing talent and we’re glad it was so appealing to all our senses. Thank God it’s Derby.

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