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published time By Liveinstyle published time 04 Feb, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

Two days filled with fun, laughter and merriment as well as heart throbbing races, Signature Indian Derby 2014 was a carnival of good times. Food stalls, fashion pop up stalls, street shows, magic shows, Broadway acts, and band performances, the good old Mahalaxmi Race course was bursting in colours.

It was a weekend of style as fashion dominated the Derby scene. Fashion shows by Swapnil Shinde and Falguni & Shane Peacock kept the fashion quotient exceedingly high. Hats by Delna Poonawalla painted a pretty picture, seemingly from the classic Victorian times. Pipa + Bella on the contrary gave us contemporary quirkiness. And when the pretty ladies got tired of shopping, they would grab a cupcake or two. If that held one too many calories, numerous food stalls offered more health-friendly options.

Live gigs by Bangalore based band One Night Stand played crowd favourite tracks for our aural pleasure. Another band charming the Signature Derby crowd was, Mr. Printer Band, including Aazin Printer (vocals), Luis (keys), Kristofor (Drums), Ruell (bass), and Apurv (guitar).

Serenity Sisters, a striking group of six energetic and talented women performed for the first time in India. Regular performers in high-end clubs of France and London, they put up a tantalizing show. If you thought that the magic ended there, then you definitely didn’t see Asia’s leading magician Yong Tian trick the audience charmingly. As she executed magic tricks, the audience was left completely mesmerized and in awe of her.

And after these gigs ended at the state-of-the-art hangar, one could see jugglers performing the most spectacular stunts and bubble dancers surprising the audience with their acts.

There wasn’t even a single dull moment, when we weren’t cheering for the crowd favorites at the races, we were cheering the talented performers. Clearly, McDowell’s Signature Indian Derby has moved from being just a sportw event, it has become a weekend of art, music and fashion.

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