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published time By Liveinstyle published time 15 Apr, 2013 Share image 0 Shares

Whoever thought there’s only one way to party, has never been to a Signature Premier After Match Party. And here’s why- when you’ve got good music, food that gives you just the required amount of Kcals to keep your feet tapping, and a stage that celebrities get on, to entertain you- you KNOW there’s more than one way to party!

The Signature Premier After Match Party hit another city this weekend and it was Bangalore’s turn this time to party on! There really couldn’t be a better occasion for celebration than another glorious win by the city’s true blue champions- Royal Challengers Bangalore.

As the clock struck ten, the who’s who of what’s what started to pour in for the party. Nida Mahmood walked in looking like a beautiful pixie from a magical forest us mortals could never find, and after a few moments later, the red carpet got steamy with Moises Henriques charming our camera lenses ( and well, s too!) with nothing short of a zillion dollar smile! Recovering from those heart wrenching good looks, our cameras got busy with the likes of Vijay Mallaya, Ravi Rampaul, Daniel Christian and the one and only, Chris Gayle lighting up the Signature backdrop. Daniel Vettori , Andrew Mcdonald and Zaheer Khan were seen chilling backstage for a bit and Vettori said he “he was having a great time at the party.”

DJ Candice Redding set the dance floor in frenzy with music that could make just about the toughest candidate dance the night away. And then, things got a lot more fun when Chris Gayle hopped on the stage and gave the crowd all the entertainment they could ask for! Virat Kohli and Mayank Agarwal joined in the fun with Gayle dancing and partying hard.

The Signature Premier After Match Party in Bangalore was an epic mix of music, celebrity and energy and with an RCB win against KKR that night, it couldn’t have gotten any better.