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published time By Liveinstyle published time 27 Feb, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

Fashion and passion - seems like there a glorious kinship between the two...not merely in terms of the diction, but the euphoric articulation. In fact, I guess the ones who have experienced the Signature-Kingfisher Ultra Bengal Fashion Week, wouldn't mind using the above-mentioned terms interchangeably. Yes, my friends, Kolkata witnessed an effulgent collaboration of sorts - the Bengal Fashion Week. And the event unfurled some marvelous collections fabricated by ace designers. It was, indeed, an experience to savor.

The 3-day long pageantry (organized by the Storm Fashion Company at the Galaxy, Park Hotel, Kolkata from February 21-23, 2014) dazzled us to the core. It was rightly pointed out by a cynosure that the event was event was pretty much "an extravaganza of style and vogue with a blend of innovation and novelty".

The "glam-party" kick-started with the fabulous blend of traditional and contemporary styles "sketched and stitched" by the legendary designers Jaya Mishra, Agnimitra Paul and Jyoti Sachdev Iyer. The prodigious effort in designing their signature costumes and of course, the synchronized exhibition on the ramp was applauded by the fashion-connoisseurs. The resonating effect of the click-centric-intonation reached its upper brink when the gorgeous Rituparna Sengupta, the talented table-tennis player Poulomi Ghatak and the esteemed Dr Sashi Panja took the center stage. It was a glittering tribute to the grace of Bengal by Kolkata's very own Agnimitra Paul. The presence of renowned Bollywood stars Barkha Bist Sengupta and Indraneel Sengupta transformed it into an illustrious affair.

signature bengal fashion week

Highlights from the Bengal Fashion Week: Day 1 - Interview with Designer Agnimitra Paul.

bengal fashion week 2014

Highlights from the Bengal Fashion Week: Day 1 - Rendezvous with Barkha Bisht Sengupta..

Highlights from the Bengal Fashion Week: Day 1 - The sizzling designs being unfurled...

Highlights from the Bengal Fashion Week: Day 1 - On the ramp, a clinquant display...

The very talented Mona Pali, laid the perfect platform for the roll out of Day 2 of the Bengal Fashion Week with their sensational collection based on the 'doctrinal colors of India,’ a representation that highlighted on the election-centric trend in the country. Talking about hypnotizing exhibit, costumier AD Singh lit up the ramp with his exclusive crystallized designs. It was a shimmering manifestation that created an everlasting impression. The Tolly show-stopper Reshmi Ghosh added that finishing edge to the sensational display. Jatin Kochhar carried the baton with grace with his "dual-delegation-mode-of-art", the perfect wind-up by the elegant Meera Chopra did give everyone goose bumps. The stage was perfectly set up for the one and only Rocky Star, who's renowned for adding that idiosyncratic touch to every possible creation, his stylish demonstration at the Bengal Fashion week was no exception either. The kaftans, jumpsuits, flow-y fabrics had a mark of resplendence...with a mark of casual was a complete eye-candy package to say the least. The presence of eminent Tolly and Bolly luminaries including Riya Sen and the show-stopper, Bengal heart-throb Koel Mallick, did add to the glamour-quotient.

Highlights from the Bengal Fashion Week: Day 2 - Thats a different flavor altogether...


Highlights from the Bengal Fashion Week: Day 2 - The show-stopper Meera Chopra...

Highlights from the Bengal Fashion Week: Day 2 - Reshmi Ghosh with designer AD Singh.

All eyes were fixed on the Finale episode of the ebullient event that did strike the right chords and proved to be the perfect hunting ground for fashion-enthusiasts, the stage was set for a sensational climax. The show that started with the classic 'Brahm Kamal'-portrayal by the accomplished designer Mona Pali, gained momentum with Mumtaz Khan's amicable presentation highlighting the traditional Indian tribal prints in the modish depiction, making the perfect use of eco-friendly ingredients. Aslam Khan's show was perfectly contemporary, draped in a palette of vivacious shades with the charming Hemangani Singh Yadu and Tolly 'tempter' Vijaya Dey.

Highlights from the Bengal Fashion Week: Day 3 - That's lemon green for you..elegance!

Highlights from the Bengal Fashion Week: Day 3 - It's a consortium of delightful shades.

Highlights from the Bengal Fashion Week: Day 3 -Charming Nusrat Jahan on the Ramp.

"Ladies and gentlemen...put your hands together for the one and only Manovi Raj Khosla"- Thunderous applause greeted the iconic fashioner Manovi Raj Khosla, the one who scripted the magical Grand Finale of the Bengal Fashion Week with his bold and retro collections. The true disclosure of luster, gloss, glitz and the "oomph-factor", his designs were literally jaw-dropping.

Highlights from the Bengal Fashion Week: Day 3 - Manovi Raj Khosla and the show-stoppers.

The glamorous show-stoppers Mahaakshay Chakraborty and Sonali Sehgal put forward an unblemished, paradisiacal show to seal the deal. It was a delectably, awe-inspiring show, almost Utopian with the immutable stamp of charisma and enchantment.

Article by - Sammya Brata Mullick