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published time By Liveinstyle published time 10 Apr, 2013 Share image 0 Shares

Swapnil Shinde’s collection at the Signature After Match Party in Mumbai was surely a big bright highlight of the night. The collection flaunts neon colors and bold design. Aptly named ‘Alice on Acid’, it gives Alice in Wonderland a new style statement. We caught up with the designer post his show at the Mumbai event.

Tell us something about your the show?

The show turned out to be fabulous. I enjoyed completely. For me it’s all about the models. I always prefer good models and not any celebrity to walk for me.

Tell us more about the models. Are you happy with the way they executed the show?

Models are my biggest support system. I know them since my initial days as a designer. They supported me and believed in me when I was nothing 8yrs back. They all are very close to me now.

What was your inspiration behind the theme?

I had been to Goa 3-4 months back and there I observed that girls are very crazy when it comes to clothes. They were structured and they carried themselves well.

Any style tip?

Break yourself! Be Sexy!

What should one step out wearing in this spring summer season?

It’s all about owning yourself. Carry a style that works for you. Make sure you are comfortable in what you wear when you step out, that’s more important.