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published time By Liveinstyle published time 22 Aug, 2013 Share image 0 Shares

Sunshine, like change can be a friend or a foe. But only that day dawns to which we are awake! This morning truly felt special – 'twas time to rise & shine!

Day 2 got busier, unlike Day 1. There was definitely more day to this dawn! Action- packed rehearsals intertwined with interesting choreography set the tone for the day. The gorgeous dress fittings certainly made all the effort worth it! Of course, Hyatt Regency ensured a delightful gourmet experience – a delectable array of delicious and authentic dishes. You may wonder if we, the figure conscious ladies, did justice to the scrumptious food and sinful desserts! Well, contrary to the myth, we indeed did! And if you must know, a heath tip: balance is the key - gorge, but workout.

The evening saw a high octane array of gltiz and glamour! Pune witnessed a line of renowned designers – A D Singh, Mumtaz Khan, Riyaz Ganji & Gulnaz Amin. Felt privileged to walk for designers A D Singh & Gulnaz Amin! While A D Singh showcased his bridal collection with Swarovski crystals for a modern bride looking for class and sophistication, Gulnaz Amin displayed her bridal / festive collection with vintage Mughal embroideries, ornamented with Swarovski and Japanese pearls that draws inspiration from the Mughal lifestyle and their traditional aesthetics. Class & elegance dominated the evening. I felt nothing short of a being a princess!

An eventful day indeed! It’s now time for some well-deserved body & soul pampering! Soothing music with eye, skin and feet care – a must before I hit the sack! :) More great stuff, tomorrow.

Diary by - Neha Murali