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published time By Liveinstyle published time 06 Oct, 2013 Share image 0 Shares

High Definition make up, neon outfits and bright lights; the ’I am Fashion Weekend’ continues to attract trend setters and fashion enthusiasts for the second night in a row at the Hilton Double Tree.

High Definition make-up workshop - Vidya Tikari introduces the audience to the concept of high definition makeup with an airbrush makeup demonstration. HD make up is silicon based and the closest thing there is to natural skin. She shares a few thoughts with us:

On being asked ‘What is your response to men who believe make up is only for women?’

“Misconception! More men these days turn to make-up artists for beauty needs. Every man on screen, in photographs has make up and a lot of the grooms these days are also insisting on makeup because they also want to look as beautiful as their brides so why not? ”

Any make up tips for us men who want to look better?

“No smoking and alcohol, keep the skin hydrated – men have much oilier skin because their skins are thicker I would recommend that at least at night sometimes do use night cream, this is important because it’s at night when the skin repairs itself and so hydration is essential and for the day I would definitely recommend an SPF. Men are luckier because they shave which is basically their daily exfoliation so they don’t age as quickly as women either. Nevertheless taking these extra precautions will go a long way to maintaining healthier and better looking skin.”

This evening’s fashion show served up a wonderful menu of fashion styles – from the glamorous and elegant designs of Ambreen Khan, onto Sakshi Bindra’s colorful and eccentric pieces including her take on the classic little black dress and last but not least Karan Bhattacharya flaunting his prowess at pulling off some amazing color contrast combinations including a beach themed neon outfit leaving the audience at the edge of their seats, razzle dazzled and hungry for more.

Overall, this evening’s fashion fiesta although short, was a true success catering to the palate of every fashion enthusiast.