Signature Premier Mirchi Queen Bee 2013

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The Signature Premier Mirchi Queen Bee event started with a lot of excitement. The venue, Hotel Westin, could not have been more perfect. The evening was filled with fashion, fun and entertainment. A fine dose of laughter was provided by stand up comedian Rohan Joshi and the crowd swayed to beats by the rockstar herself, Hard Kaur.

The jury saw the likes of model Anjana Sukhani, Sameer Kochhar, Gulnaz Azmi, Rohit Gupta and many others. The beauties that walked the ramp made it difficult for me to judge who would win! They were so lovely and walked with every bit of confidence.

It was one heck of an awesome by Signature! Many thanks to for the passes

Also, thanks to Lifestylerr for getting me in touch with them.

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