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published time By Liveinstyle published time 16 Nov, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

When you watch Monica Dogra perform in a concert, the first question you ask yourself is “What’s the source of this unending flow of energy?!” Performance would not be sufficiently good word to describe what she does on stage! She is singing, she is dancing, she is interacting with audience, and the energy levels remain the same right from the beginning to end! In short, she totally enthralls the audience. She is a kind of artist who has already captivated your mind, and taken you along with her on a fun ride within minutes, even before you realizing it! 

And that's how Monica's LIVE performance became the ultimate celebration of Unique Expressions on Saturday night.


Monica Dogra, aka Shaa’ir performed on 15th November at High Spirits, Pune. The concert was organized by Signature Expressions. She has been performing with her band “Shaa’ir and Func”, along with guitarist Randolph Correia for a long time now. But this time Monica performed her own solo music for the first time in Pune and I must say it was like ambrosia for the electronic rock music lovers! Off course, her music can’t be completely tagged under this genre. It’s definitely more than that! At times, it even has a jazzy feel to it!

Monica not only performed her own songs, but also surprised the audience with old charm like “So gaya yeh jahaan”! She also sang few songs from her upcoming solo album “Spit”, which will be released very soon! She has been working hard on this project since past three years. Monica writes her own lyrics and they have a very deep meaning to it. She was accompanied by three members, Karan Joseph on Keyboard, Jake Charkey on Cello, and Linford D’Souza on drums. She mentioned that Karan joined them only a couple of days back, which was hard to believe! The highlights of Monica’s music are meaningful lyrics, powerful drums, electronic music on keyboard and her energetic and dynamic voice. But also, she has been very successful in giving “Cello” a very important place in her music. The bass notes produced by the instrument form a solid base! And who would have played it better than Jake!

High Spirits is one of the best places in Pune to host such concerts! Not only the drinks and food is great, the ambience is worth the experience! Even before the start of the concert, they were playing great music to get the audience in the perfect mood. The lighting is perfect and the sound system is rocking!

Monica interacted with her fans personally after the concert and generously allowed many of them to take pictures with her! There are two things to take away from the concert for me. The first thing is Monica’s solo music! It’s astonishing, it’s crazy, it’s liberating! And the second thing is High Spirits! I would definitely love to visit this place again and again for the wonderful range of concerts they host!

I wish I could attend all the concerts in the Signature Expressions events series. I appreciate such initiatives because it’s otherwise not so easy to experience someone’s own music. It’s worth going places to places listening to the artists which have a unique and distinct style of theirs. The music Monica brought to Pune on Saturday was something really different that served as a rocking surprise even for someone who has been listening to her since long!

Article & Images By: Gaurav Aradhye

Gaurav writes at "Music Reprise". He also composes, sings, and is very catholic in his taste in music. When not involved in music, he loves to code in python and is also an open source contributor. You can follow him at @three20kbps on twitter.

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