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published time By Liveinstyle published time 13 Apr, 2013 Share image 0 Shares

Security? Check. Big bulky bouncers? Check. Beautiful girls? Double check. Pretty boys? Check check check. Celebrity appearances? Chhheeecckkkk! With the carpet ready and everybody blinged out for the night, the Signature After Match Party was set to rock it out in Bangalore and things can get pretty glamorous when there’s so many pretty people under one roof!

Everyone entered ITC Gardenia wearing their party best waiting to kill it with the winning Bangalore team. The mood for the night was upbeat, loud, chic and a whole lot of fun. Backstage Nida Mahmood’s models looked ready as ever to take to the stage, on floor the drinks began to do their rounds, the food was being sent across and everybody had their eyes set on the stage for the Nida Mahmood fashion show. Nida’s show was a work of art all on its own. With a style that stands out from the ordinary; her collection was a fabulous confluence of street meets style, drama meets color and art meets total glamour. Kick starting the night on a perfect note, the Nida Mahmood show left the stage for the oh-so-famous White Mischief girls to take over.

Cheerleading looks like a whole lot of fun, what with the somersaults, the pom-poms and the energy! The White Mischief girls set the stage ablaze with their act and had everyone rooting for more. And if you thought that would be enough, singer Behram from the Bangalore band One Night Stand got on stage to keep the party going.

Great drinks, good food and an excellent vibe marked the Signature After Match Party in Bangalore and if you weren't there, you've got to make it to the next one!