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published time By Liveinstyle published time 30 Apr, 2013 Share image 0 Shares

Parties have a way of surprising, enthralling, and regaling you like nothing else does. And Signature sure knows how to throw a good party! Bangalore saw its second Signature Premier After Match Party this month, filled with glamour, music, and some very entertaining cricketers. But let’s begin by telling you how this party really started for good old me.

When a self-proclaimed diva (me) gets an unexpected and astonishing compliment for my ‘oh-so-trendy’ bangs from a man internationally renowned as a desi dream weaver a.k.a couture designer, you know my inner goddess is doing cartwheels in my head! And with all the photography doing the rounds, somebody must’ve taken more than a few pictures of me with my diva jaws dropping down to the floor… and I was wearing six inch heels that night, mind you. Yes, it’s true - Nikhil Mehra, one half of the designer duo Nikhil and Shantanu, charmed the socks right out of me(what is it about mischievous eyes, hiding behind rimmed glasses, and a smile dazzling with hints of wit and intellect in equal amounts?!) . If this is how a Signature After Match party begins, I’m in!

The who’s-who from RCB were making their way to the party and Bangalore was ready to party! Bangalore had already ushered in the rains earlier that day, so when the ‘Gayle storm’ hit, fan frenzy knew no bounds. RCB had just turned in a very impressive win, and the strapping Jamaican, man of the hour, had more than a few eager heads turning.

Captain Kohli came next, with his game face on, and was more than ecstatic about the team’s win. Senior and Junior Mallya both walked in, and everyone stopped a moment to send birthday wishes to the God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, who was celebrating his birthday back in Mumbai. Zaheer khan strolled in a few minutes later, looking very cool and collected, and I could swear there was more than a few women swooning just as he walked in.Socialite Sheetal Sharma was there too, looking effervescent as usual.

The after match party began with models Pia Trivedi, Parvati Omanakuttan, Jackie Shetty, and others, sashaying down the ramp in a refreshing, breezy collection by designer duo Nikhil and Shantanu. It’s not every day that you get to see first-hand what haute couture looks like. The crowd was still reliving colors and textures, when the white mischief girls upped the tempo several notches with an upbeat dance routine that showed off some of their best moves. And just when you thought the night was closing in, RCB got on stage and regaled the crowd with some very fun dance moves. Chris Gayle sure knows how to dance! If Signature throws such fabulous parties, I’m putting my vote in for more!

Article By: Divya Nambiar (