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published time By Liveinstyle published time 17 Dec, 2013 Share image 0 Shares

With her sharp nose, generous mouth and intense eyes, she is certainly a head-turner. Then Sheela Tiruchi tells LIVEINSTYLE.COM that she was born and raised in Germany — instantly explaining the exotic flair with which she carries the mantle of her unmistakable Indian origin. A passionate dancer, this awe-inspiring 5 foot 11 inch beauty brings you to your knees with her honesty. Among other things, the Signature International Fashion Weekend 2013 ramp-scorcher confesses she won’t date a short guy; she is unimpressed by bank balances and is keenly in search of that “heart of gold.” Boys, the queue starts here…

On her fitness regime

“I exercise regularly; I make it a point to work out at least three to four times a week. I also enjoy volleyball and dancing. Salsa and Hip Hop are my go-to genres.”

On the SIFW designer she’d wear off-ramp too

“I loved all the Signature International Fashion Weekend 2013 designers, but I think I am most likely to wear Nachiket Barve’s garments when I am not modelling.”

On the worst pick-up line she’s ever heard

“A man once approached me with a pitch about how he owned two yachts and suggested that should be reason enough for me to join him on one. I told him to talk to the hand!”

On her dream date

“George Clooney!”

On the model-turned-actor she admires most

“I’d say Anushka Sharma and Arjun Rampal. They’re terrific.”

On her professional ‘Signature’ moment

“That feeling of pure energy and excitement before each show is my (recurrent) ‘Signature’ moment. I feel that rush every single time!”

Her beauty secret

“Sleep, avoid stress, do things you enjoy and be a good human being. Apart from all that, look after your face and body. Be concerned about your fitness. I believe strongly in happiness and karma — they go hand in hand for a successful career in any industry.”