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published time By Liveinstyle published time 04 Dec, 2013 Share image 2 Shares

This hottie from Hyderabad has a heart-shaped face, angelic doe eyes and a super slender body. The temptation to approach her is entirely understandable, but be warned — when the LIVEINSTYLE.COM team settled in for a chat with Dharmika, she made it very clear that unacceptable pick-up lines may result in an a**-kicking!

On her fitness regime

“I work out every day, for about an hour or so. I do a lot of kick-boxing and then the rest is cardio. I also play basketball.”

On the SIFW 13 designer she’ll wear in real life

“I would really love to wear CuteCircuit, even if they’re not entirely practical! And I would totally wear the line designed by Mark Fast. His knit outfits are really comfortable and very cool. Besides, with winter approaching, his fabrics are perfect.”

On the worst pick-up line she’s been subjected to

“The usual suspects are ‘Oh! Have I seen you somewhere?’ or ‘Have we met before?’ Honestly people, totally not happening!”

On her dream date

“If you go by looks alone, then I guess every new actor who enters the film industry is like a new crush. But Leonardo DiCaprio was my first crush!”

On the model-turned-actress she admires

“I think Deepika Padukone fits the bill.” (Add another one to Ms. Padukone’s fan club!)

On her professional ‘Signature’ moment

“My career started only 4 months ago. However, I shot for Tarun Tahiliani recently and that was a truly memorable shoot. It’s my ‘Signature’ moment so far.”


Her beauty secret


“Eating healthy! Eating clean is the one thing that helps you maintain your skin. I don’t think you need to depend on anything else if you eat right and make healthy choices.”