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published time By Liveinstyle published time 23 Dec, 2013 Share image 0 Shares

There are about a dozen things you will take note of when this Ukrainian beauty walks into the room, but Anna Yatskiv tells LIVEINSTYLE.COM that the first thing she notices about people (men especially) are their hands. Quite close to six feet tall, Anna agrees that it is hard to have a personal rule barring her from dating shorter men, so she’s not that picky about height. She does, however, have a preference for the ‘Brad Pitt’ look — but this exquisite international model also knows a thing or two about Bollywood! No, she’s not looking to act in an Indian movie quite yet, but she has set her sights on an eligible B-town bachelor…

On her fitness regime

“I usually end up working out 2 to 3 times a week and I also do a lot of yoga. Honestly though, it all depends on how many days I am working. I used to play volleyball before I started modelling, but now I only play it on the beach when I am free. I don’t really play any other sports now.”

On the SIFW designer she’d wear off-ramp too

“I liked many of the designers who showed at Signature International Fashion Weekend 2013, but Bora Aksu most of all. He may be from Turkey, but his style is very British — very stylish and comfortable as well. I would definitely wear his creations in real life too.”

On her dream date

“Brad Pitt! And if I were to pick from Bollywood, it would have to be Ranbir Kapoor. I absolutely love his energy!”

On the model-turned-actress she admires most

“Natalia Vodianova would be my pick. For me she is successful because she is a stunning model, an occasional actress and a mother of three children!”

On her professional ‘Signature’ moment

“It would have to be my first outdoor assignment, which took me to London at the age of 17.”

Her beauty secret

“Sleep! Eight hours of deep, peaceful sleep.”

Image Credit - Ashish Shah