Meet The Most Beautiful Daredevil - Nargis Fakhri

I am a girl who wants to experience everything - Nargis Fakhri

After tasting huge success with her debut movie Rockstar, Nargis was here in the capital supporting the home side; Delhi Daredevils. Dressed in the team jersey, Nargis came and impressed one and all with her charm.

What draws you towards IPL?

I am very curious about cricket because it is something that I was not exposed to growing up. We have Baseball, Hockey, American football but not cricket. The two things Indians love the most are Bollywood and Cricket. I really want to experience what this craze is about and what better way than going to the stadium full of fans shouting and screaming with lots of energy.

Your debut movie, Rockstar was shot in Delhi. How was your experience of being in the capital for a couple of months?

Yes, Rockstar was shot in Delhi and I was here for two months. I went to Khan Market, Janpath and Sarojini Nagar market. I bought a lot of stuff; random things that I don’t find in states. I really enjoyed that. I had a great time.

Have you tried the street food of Delhi?

Yes, I tasted the street food of Delhi. I was eating it up but it didn’t go well with my tummy but I didn’t care. It was worth it. It was so yummy.

Have you ever experienced a live cricket match before?

No, this is my first one and I am really looking forward for it.

How are you planning to support Delhi Daredevils today?

I will be there at the ground. I am very excited for it. I will be shouting and whistling for the boys in red and blue.

Last season wasn’t that great for the team and fans were obviously disappointed. What would be your message to them?

Yes, I heard that Delhi Daredevils had a bad season last year but they have rebuilt their team and are doing pretty well.It even makes things more interesting. Just because we had a bad season last time doesn’t mean that we cannot thrash other teams.

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