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Who according to you are the best dressed men in Bollywood, cricket, corporate world…

In Bollywood: Saif Ali Khan, Imran Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Rahul Bose. In cricket: Virat Kohli. In the corporate world: Adi Godrej, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Anand Mahindra.


Grooming tips for men


For a formal occasion, one needs an element of elegance and a degree of experimentation. Wear well-cut suits, woven ties, dress shirts with cufflinks, belts to match your shoes, socks coordinated with the colour of your tie.

Optionally, for a lesser degree of formality, experiment with a classic Nehru jacket with a chic pocket square.

A man should always look comfortable yet chic in casual wear. Elevate your style quotient with signature cut breeches or well-constructed jeans.


What are the latest trends in menswear?


An evolved blend of formal with casual. An elegant, authoritative and fearless attempt at creating an individual style statement.


Are you brand conscious? -


I’m quality conscious, and if a brand upholds that parameter then so be it.


Favourite fashion picks-


Scarves are a beautiful accessory which men in India grossly downplay.


Your favourite accessory -


Cufflinks, socks and shoes


Recommended accessories for men


God is in the details so ‘statement’ accessories for men are highly recommended. Enhance and complement your look with signature pieces—a watch with a legacy of style, a smart pair of aviators, colourful silk pocket squares, suede loafers and dress shoes (preferably ones that don’t scream logos!), patterned and/or coloured socks, cufflinks in sterling silver or antique ones, discrete belts in exotic leather… Please junk chains and rings of any and all kinds (with the exception of the wedding band, of course).

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